Devices & Systems in Two-Dimensional (2D) Nanostructures

We have been developing two-dimensional nanoelectromechanical systems (2D NEMS) and nanoelectronic devices.  These devices offer very intriguing properties and potential for high performance, as we pursue quantitative understanding, engineering, and control of the coupling effects between mechanical, electronic, and optical characteristics of the devices.  These suspended and movable 2D nanostructures provide a unique platform for enabling new types of nanodevices.  We aim to develop novel building blocks for advanced sensing, signal processing, and computing applications.  

Nanowire Electronics, NEMS - Sensors & Transducers

In the “More Moore” paradigm, nanowires (NWs) are highly attractive materials for future generations of VLSI nanoelectronics, to sustain the fast device scaling (e.g., NW FETs are towards 22nm Si CMOS, beyond FinFETs).  In the “More than Moore” paradigm, NWs are extremely interesting and promising for making various novel devices with new functions that can be integrated into Si chips with CMOS or compatible VLSI processes.